This unity, which comes from the inner life of each person

This unity, which comes from the inner life of each person, is only possible when, stone by stone, the walls around our vulnerable hearts come down.

“Then we no longer judge ourselves as unworthy and we no longer judge others as unworthy. We see them and in ourselves the light and love of God. There is no longer a void or anguish or terrible loneliness, but a new life, the very life of God, surging up from within us. It is an experience of freedom and oneness with others, an experience of a fullness of life where one’s very identity has mysteriously given way to a new identity that flows directly from God.

“This wondrous unity is a promise of what will be given to us as we become transformed in God. On earth we may live glimpses of it, but most of the time we struggle against the chaos within. We struggle to keep welcoming people, to love those whom we do not like or who do not like us. We struggle to love those who are different or who appear to be rivals. We struggle to love our enemies, those who hurt us. We struggle not to judge or condemn people.

“Peace comes as we enter this struggle, as we work for unity in our family and community, in our church and between all followers of Jesus, and between all our brothers and sisters in humanity.

“Peace comes as we no longer seek to prove that we are right, as we live the truth of forgiveness and reconciliation and accept the light and presence of God within us and within others.”

(An Excerpt from Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of John by Jean Vanier)